What are the best lead management software in the market

When we talk about Lead management, we actually refer to a contact, prospect, or customer acquisition management. The broad definition that can be given to lead management is that one of tracking and managing of a company’s potential clients. As a company, to manage and track your preferred customers, is the number one priority as they are the ones who help in generating revenue. For this reason, each and every business needs a lead management app so as to the following are some of the best lead management apps available in the market.


Infusionsoft CRM app

This app is ranked as one of the best lead management software which delivers online sales and marketing tips mostly for small businesses. It is characterized by marketing automation and lead generation tools. Also, it has social media and email tools for the purpose of converting leads. The purpose of the CRM is to help the users in striking deals, attracting leads, and boosting sales.

Another feature that this app has is that it is personalized in a way that it provides a guide to users on how it is operated.


Marketo Software

This app provides a web-based email marketing space for businesses of all types and size to build and maintain the client relationship. It contains modules that offer a number of options which include social marketing, web personalization, marketing automation, lead nurturing, analytics, budget management, and sales insight.

The app has a local integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com, and SugarCRm. The integration helps the sales agents to understand properly all the leads available in their pipelines and rank them according to their prospect management.

Because of its online worldwide community, marketers can link together to share or to influence a particular development of a product.


SharpSpring app

This software is completely integrated with cloud-based marketing tools that help in delivering CRM, social marketing, customer service, marketing automation, and sales team automation.

It is compatible with all available CRM, which makes its users to still maintain their already existing CRM and all the information stored in them.

It has scoring and lead nurturing tool for tracking someone’s engagement, lead page visits, and demographics. This means that the app can be able to locate those who anonymously have visited the company’s site through their IP addresses. The visitors’ information like names and contacts can be seen.

Other features the app has are a blog builder and a landing page builder. One advantage this software has is that the users do not need to be experts in coding for them to use it. Customization of templates is possible in the app, which actually holds a vast library of them.


Pardot Marketing Automation app

This software is built for the organizations which mainly focus on marketing automation and B2B sales. It has features that include instantaneous sales alerts; batch emails, drip marketing that is automated, and lead management. Also, it has an enterprise edition that has advanced features like dedicated IP address, custom security controls, and advanced storage space.

The software has an email builder feature which marketers can use to construct professional emails and send them to desired clients. Apart from that, it has customizable templates that can be used to build landing pages which are interactive.

This app easily integrates with Netsuite, Salesforce, SugarCRM, and Microsoft CRM.


Campaign Monitor app

This kind of software helps a business or a company of any size to add new subscribers on top of the already existing ones. It can also be used to deliver email newsletters to clients and generate reports too.

Some of its features include drag and drop email builder that a company can pick desired templates, do some customization on them, execution of email marketing campaigns.

The app has tools that help users to do customization in order to add more email lists so as to help in client targeting with particular messages. Real-time insights and campaign activities are also other features found in this app.